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Just when you thought you knew how to target your audience, millennials arrived and threw off your entire strategy. It is never as simple as creating a product, marketing online and selling in three easy steps and now with millennials active on the scene, it is harder than ever before.

Millennials will soon be taking up more than half of the population and will be the most active in purchasing from online websites. If your business is ignoring this age bracket or not reaching them as well as first hoped, you need to start making changes, pronto.

This generation are said to be one of the most intelligent and well-educated generations of all time (New York Times, 2014) and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Although you may have heard them called the Peter Pan generation, living in fear of growing up, and the Boomerang generation, who can never leave their parent’s home, they are making up a large proportion of the population and need attention when marketing your business.

Let’s not forget, although millennials might not be buying right now with their university debts and lack of jobs, they will eventually start careers and will become one of the largest purchasing target audiences on the market. To make sure you tap into their purchasing habits there are certain elements to include in your marketing. Below are some tips to follow with your own marketing strategies.

  1. Solve their issues

As life for millennials isn’t the easiest at the moment, they are always on the lookout for items or services that will make daily life easier. Think of every situation they are going through and make a solution that they will see as a necessity in their life. By fixing their problems you are giving your business the opportunity to be something a millennial takes with them through life and passes on to those around them and hopefully those to follow in their footsteps.

  1. Mobiles, they all have them!

The majority of millennials will have tapped into the smartphone era, or are close to doing so. With mobiles and tablets taking off dramatically in recent years it would be a major flaw for a business not to target them. As millennials are often on the move and in a rush, convenience is key, so seeing your website on their mobile puts you in their good books from the word go. Mobile responsive sites are a must in the online world so make sure yours is active today.

  1. Be honest

No one likes being lied to or conned and millennials are not an exception to this rule. As one of the smartest generations in the world they are well aware of when they are being fooled and it is not a good idea to try and pull the wool over their eyes. Tap into their trust and present yourself as a brand they can trust. Do this by showing them what you sell honestly, be transparent and give them something to follow, i.e. a blog or social media account. Creating that trust online only ever results in return on investment and increased site traffic, who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Create an experience

Millennials need reassuring every step of the way when making purchases. As the generation known for being strapped for cash and not able to even leave their parent’s home, they need to know that what they are buying is worth it for them. Encourage purchases through creating efficient user interfaces that the customers actually enjoy using. Look at Apple as an example, nothing is ever black and white and boring, they know what their customers are looking for and they deliver every time.

Word of mouth is an essential part of a business success. If your customers are satisfied with their services, especially millennials, there is nothing stopping them from posting about it on social media and speaking to their peers. To thrive online and create brand loyalty, get to know millennials like never before because they could well be the difference between success and failure.

Get in touch with First Digital Media if your online marketing is falling behind. We are here now and we are here for you to ensure that your target audience has been reached without a doubt.