In order to maximise sales and encourage high-traffic,
we ensure your consumers enjoy their experience.

With consultancy planning bespoke to your business, conversion optimisation is key to presenting your products and services in the best way possible. Add in the ability for multilingual set ups and the opportunity for scalable solutions and your online business is born.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

Keeping Up With Digital Trends

Mastering the art of marketing your service online, when done properly, can be rewarding and also lucrative. Most businesses are finding that they are experiencing increased revenue online, greater than a brick and mortar shop would ever achieve.

With convenience being key to modern consumers, a growing number of customers are shopping online more than ever before and they won’t be holding back any time soon. With no limitations to when a customer can shop, they have the ability to shop 24 hours a day, regardless of their geographical location.

Benefits of E-Commerce

All e-commerce sites are created with consumers in mind and provide intuitive interfaces, an understanding of what they are buying and a straight-forward path through purchasing what they need.

As well as being easy to manage, scalable and modified to your business, we make sure we use the latest techniques and coding to create visually stunning integrations for everything from a physical shop to an online store.

Active Components

  • An online storefront so customers can browse, select and make a transaction
  • A system to process transactions
  • A notification centre to make you aware when a sale is completed

Other Benefits

  • Simple to use transaction processes and simple to search for all products
  • 24/7 access with your whole business catalogue available at all times
  • Keep overheads down as no need for a physical shop
  • Greater reach to customers by removing geographical locations
  • Monitor customer’s journeys throughout your site to track progress and adapt to their movements

Brand Loyalty

Whether your site is linked to massive databases or just to your inbox, the process for your customers will always be the same, from transaction to delivery. Whatever the transaction situation is, you can guarantee that the customer will look for certain elements in your site in order to build trust in your brand.

Whether viewed on a computer screen, a tablet or a mobile, your e-commerce design must be responsive, scalable and ensure return on investment.

How Do I Know My Shop Even Works?

You could have a nice site with a healthy turnover but without the ability to monitor its performance and know how to improve its downfalls, your business could be missing out on the chance to increase profits.

First Digital Media are running analytical reports every day to assess how a site is performing and how it can be improved. Following in real time, you have the ability to track consumer interaction on your site and follow the paths they are taking. Using that data we can adapt and improve your online interface to allow greater success against your online competitors.

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