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Google’s July core web vitals update is now complete. Starting on July 1st, the update took twelve days to roll out. According to Google, this update introduced several changes across the board.

This month’s blog at First Digital Media looks at the latest core web vitals update and how it may impact your site.

What Has Changed?

Based on recent tracking, the July update impacted many sites across Google. If you experienced changes to your rankings in the past weeks, it was more than likely due to the update.

In the past month, we have seen quite a number of updates from Google, many of which were unconfirmed. Google rarely says what is involved in updates, other than it will make changes to the indexing and ranking process.

What to Do if You Are Impacted

If you are negatively impacted by any of Google’s updates, there aren’t any specific actions to take. A negative rankings impact doesn’t mean that there is actually anything wrong with your site.

However, Google has advised that there are some things to consider:

  • Site loading speed
  • Does it provide original information?
  • Does it provide interesting information?
  • Is content well-presented?
  • Do your headlines and page titles provide a descriptive summary of content?
  • Optimise images and videos
  • Review plugins
  • Focus on mobile first – Does it display well for mobile devices?

Why Do We Care?

During Google’s algorithm updates, your website can do better or worse in search results. Knowing when they roll these updates out enables us to understand whether your site is impacted by something you have changed, or something Google has changed within its algorithm.

If your site has recently experienced a negative search performance change, it is worth looking at external factors before going in and making any changes.

Find Out More

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