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The responsiveness of your website is an important factor in improving user experience. Although responsive web design is not a confirmed ranking factor, it is still important. Responsive Web Design is when web pages are compatible across a range of screen sizes and devices, so many users are accommodated for.

This month’s blog at First Digital Media looks at how a responsive website can benefit your SEO strategy and how you can make your site more user friendly.

Google Prioritises Mobile-First

Google has moved towards a mobile first approach. With more users searching from mobile devices, it is important for websites to be made for any device.

The algorithm will rank a site that fits the standard, by being responsive and mobile user friendly.

Improved Usability

The amount of time spent on a page can be an indicator of whether your content matches what the user is searching for and whether they have had a positive experience on your website. If a user is dissatisfied with your content, they will not stick around.

Websites with responsive web design are more accessible, faster and easier to navigate. If the information users need is easier to find, they will stay on your site. Furthermore, it will encourage them to come back and turn into paying customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Google is mainly concerned with keeping users happy. They do this by showing users the content they are most interested in. With a user-focused experience, you are likely to be rewarded with higher search rankings.

Lower Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the rate of how quickly users visit and then instantly leave your site. This can indicate whether your site meets the user’s needs. A high bounce rate could also determine that your loading speed is poor.

Even if your content is great, your web design could make it difficult for users to navigate your site, causing them to drop off.

Do Not Duplicate Content

Responsive web design emphasises creating a single, mobile-responsive version of your site. It helps to prevent URL duplication and confusion by Google on what to prioritize.

Increased Social Shares

When users like your content, they are more likely to share it across social platforms. Though this doesn’t directly impact rankings, it can help grow your online presence and lead to more customers.

In addition to this, a good social media presence can increase visibility.

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