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First Digital Media are able to create, manage and market your social media platforms for the benefit of your business. With expert knowledge spanning across all platforms, there is so much more to social media than just Facebook.

Explore more below and learn how your business can boost return on investment, customer engagement and site traffic through active social media marketing.


Having your business on Facebook has the potential to drive traffic to your website through creating a trustworthy brand. With clear posts for your consumers you can encourage comments, shares and conversations on topics that matter the most. The digital movement is not just about how many likes a post can get, but more about engaging with an audience and getting noticed by the relevant search engines.


As the second largest search engine in the digital age, YouTube is where your business needs to be. With more than 4 billion videos watched everyday around the world, your business channel could be next. As long as you educate, entertain and provide solutions to your target audience’s problems, you are sure to create a fan base you didn’t even know you had!


Those familiar with Twitter will know the importance of the #. By using the hashtag to engage with current trending topics, a business is able to engage with consumers on points of interest of their own. From a single 140 characters per post, businesses can engage thousands of people who are interested in certain products and services. Through re-sharing posts and content a business creates an online reputation that sets them apart from other competitors online.


As a photocentric, click-happy generation there are more than 5 million consumers sharing posts through Instagram. With quality images of your products and services there is no need to limit yourself in the online world. Statistics are showing that more and more consumers research a business online before committing to purchasing a product or service, so don’t limit yourself and be active across as many platforms as possible that suit your target audience reach.

Trip Advisor

Having a successful online reputation in the digital world is vital for consumer interaction. Trip Advisor allows for reviews, social engagement and interaction through ratings from real life customers, so that your future potential customers can relate and have confidence in your business as a whole.


LinkedIn marketing can help a business in the digital age find new customers and make new business connections. By growing a brand online your business has a purpose in the digital age and also creates credibility amongst other businesses. Establish, connect and engage with your target consumers to share valuable content and turn followers into potential business customers.

Social Platforms

Establishing your business as an industry expert plays a part in your online reputation across numerous platforms. Social profiles also play a part in exposure on sites such as Google, the leading search engine in the digital age. First Digital Media would only ever advise a business to cover the platforms suited to them as long as you make the most of it. There is no use in creating profiles that are dormant in the digital age.

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For improved brand awareness, increased rankings in focus areas, links to trusted sources and relevant news topics covered, a blog can really be the diving board for your success. Sharing is caring and First Digital Media help all businesses get the best results from their social media strategies through content rich posts and much more.

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