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Why YouTube Can Help Any Marketing Campaign

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Marketing has always been about using the latest technology to get your message across. There’s no point in having a fantastic campaign that is never appreciated by anybody. YouTube is the second largest search engine, making it a great place to go for potential customers.

This week’s blog at First Digital Media looks into YouTube Marketing and how you can use it for your own benefits.

History of YouTube

Since being brought to life in February 2005, YouTube has become one of the largest platforms online. More than 1.8 billion people use this and 100 hours of video content are uploaded each minute. With such a huge following, it isn’t difficult to see how this area has been tapped into by the marketing community.

As a result of the number of people accessing it, YouTube is now the second largest search engine. It’s only beaten by owner Google, who purchased the streaming service in November 2006.

Wide Reach and Successful Returns

Today, there are around 23 million different channels on YouTube. To add to this, at least 200 channels have over 10 million subscribers. There is something for everyone from gaming and music to instruction videos on how to hold a cat. It is this that makes it a great place to reach potential new customers. Many people have been able to build careers for themselves and reach out to those who they never would have been able to in the past.

However, it can be a difficult thing to balance. One of YouTube’s biggest stars Pewdiepie is no stranger to this. As the second largest channel at 100,876,836 million subscribers, the gamer has faced a lot of criticism over the years. Opening yourself up online can risk bad press, but this is the same of every platform. Despite this, he’s still estimated to be earning £6.5 million a month from Ad revenue, merch and other projects.

He isn’t the only person to have found popularity and money from the platform. Other channels making a fair amount include Dude Perfect (£2.8 million per month), VanossGaming (£2.1 million per month), DanTDM (£2.1 million per month), and JuegaGerman (£1.8 million per month).

Will It Work For Me?

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen for everyone. Although, that doesn’t mean YouTube isn’t worth the time. Creating videos about your products or services can be incredibly beneficial. Creating a channel is fairly simple to do and, using the right approach, you can start to increase your followers.

If you are looking to make videos, then consider your content and what message you are putting across. Are you looking to sell, inform or entertain? This will give you a clearer idea of what to create. You also need to think about editing software, music and copyright, and SEO.

It may not be your first thought, but SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is needed on YouTube too. After all, it is a search engine. ‘Clickbait’ is a well-known term thrown around by YouTubers and refers to the title of a video. Titles on YouTube are what a viewer sees first along with a thumbnail. Getting this right is important, just as much as the description. Words and phrases used here will be taken to rank videos and display them to in right searches.

Don’t Forget Ads

On top of creating your own videos, you could also look at using YouTube for advertising. We’ve all come across Ads while watching videos so you should be aware of them. In fact, these ads per click are often cheaper than Google AdWords. Estimates suggest a YouTube ad click is priced at £0.08-0.25 ($0.10-0.30) per click compared to Google Ads at £0.66-1.32.

Advertisements are divided into 3 different types:


These are the Ads that you’ll see most often. You’ll only pay for this if a user interacts by either watching for more than 30 seconds or clicking on it. These can be either skippable (12 seconds – 6 minutes) or non-skippable (15-20 seconds).

Two different formats of TrueView exist which are Video Discovery and In-Stream. Previously known as In-Display Ads, Video Discovery appear on the homepage of the platform as well as search results and related video suggestions. In-Stream is as it says and appears before a video or stream. In most cases, these can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Preroll Ads

We’ve all been there when you can’t skip an Ad and this is what preroll is. A viewer will have to watch the video and they are no longer than 20 seconds. These are usually at the start of a video but can be placed in the middle (mid-roll) in videos that are over 10 minutes. Preroll Ads are on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, making it crucial to make the most of the time you have.


As the shortest Ad, these last no more than 6 seconds and play before a video starts. These are best used to advertise a bigger video or campaign, drawing people to watch your content.

Changing the Future of Marketing

The world of marketing is always changing. More and more options are becoming available, with YouTube marketing being one of them.

To find out more about what we do here at First Digital Media, including YouTube and Video Marketing, please get in contact with us.

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The Proof Is In The Pudding – Guest Blog

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The old saying ‘the proof is in the pudding’ gets thrown around a lot when it comes to digital marketing relationships between marketers and clients.

But really, when you are marketing for a business, the client will also want to see the proof in their pudding when they are paying you for a service. Here at First Digital Media, we report back every single month as part of our marketing packages on our client’s success, downfalls, new ideas moving forward and show exactly where their money has been spent and was stats come from that.

We prove what happens to our pudding, but do others?

A New Month

August is a new month and we have lots of exciting plans going ahead here at FDM. But before we start a new month, let’s take a quick look back at some recent stats that really got us thinking here in the office.

Working in the digital industry, we always need to keep up with the changing trends and looking at past stats and figures is something we are all passionate about for our own knowledge and our clients. Wanting to deliver the best pudding on the market means looking at how others have been unsuccessful, no one wants to follow in their footsteps after all.

GDPR and the True Costs

Back in May 2018, the world was hit with new laws regarding General Data Protection Regulations and it really shook the online world and how it worked. It was the European Union that created and earmarked the landmark privacy law for users online and their personal data but it was businesses that felt the downfalls.

A recent paper from Samuel Goldberg, Garrett Johnson and Scott Shriver stated that “GDPR could hurt online firms: 1) directly, by restricting online advertising and changing user browsing preferences, and 2) indirectly, by reducing the web analytics data that informs the firm’s decisions”.

Their research collaborated from 1,500 online businesses that were using a certain analytics platform to track their users. Overall, the businesses all found that the recorded page views and the number of users visiting the site had fallen by 9.7% since the introduction of GDPR.

Minor figures on the grand scheme of things, but in reality, this was resulting in an average $8,000 loss a week.

Here at First Digital Media, we also noticed a drop in analytical figures but we worked around this, developing new techniques to ensure that we didn’t make any further losses.

Ad Spends and CPC’s

Another report outlines that there has been a massive growth in e-commerce advertising as there are figures showing there has been a 40% increase. This could be that due to GDPR and the restrictions on personal data, advertisers and marketers are having to spend more on average to get the same response they were previously.

It was also found that CPC’s were reducing across various industries which could either be because of a lack of users clicking or the lack of data that can be given once clicked.

Marketing Job Cuts

The speculations surrounding the business Uber has recently seen a lot of bad press and this next bit of news also isn’t great either. Uber has recently reduced its marketing team by a third, cutting around 400 jobs in total.

In the move to try and cut costs, Uber announced the move internally first then around the rest of the world. For a business that employs a massive 25,000 people around the whole world, 400 employees doesn’t seem huge but for the marketing industry, it really is. The reason why is due to profits and Uber not really making any money at all but it has also been put to maybe too many ‘cooks spoiling the broth’ and decisions being unclear across their marketing techniques. (clearly, they weren’t making their pudding properly from the start)

Another reason why here at First Digital Media, we like to keep it simple. We work as a team, we work together and all decisions are very clear to avoid confusion and a host of people working for nothing. We all add an integral ingredient to our pudding mixtures, avoiding a disaster in the kitchen.

Growth in App Frauds

As the rise of mobile phones is increasing faster than the rate of homes, it is no surprise that app fraud has also risen. According to the 2019 State of Mobile Fraud report, the figures have grown to an alarming rate.

In the first half of 2019, it has been recorded that marketers lost over $2.3 billion of ad spend due to fraud and bots. There is also another 16% of app installation frauds that were not caught in action and the most targeted industry was financial apps.

The most worrying element is that those committing the frauds are harder to find due to the mimicking of actual user experiences being easier to complete.

Marketing at First Digital Media

If any of these figures have got you thinking about handing over the reins of your marketing to someone else, get in touch with us today on 01524 544346. We have a whole team ready and waiting to take your business to market so you don’t have to hire each individual skill, you don’t have to worry about fraud and you also don’t have to worry about the ad spends themselves.

What’s not to love about that? Grab some of our pudding, it’s the best!

Marketing Campaigns: How to Avoid Failure

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Trying to advertise a company can be a difficult task, especially with so many places to target. Gone are the days when a printed newspaper advertisement would be all you need. Today marketing campaigns need to consider the online world, social media and so much more.

Unfortunately for some campaigns have fallen flat, causing an embarrassment and upset. Our blog this week at First Digital Media looks into marketing campaigns and how to avoid things going wrong.

Big Names, Big Mistakes

Wherever we turn, we see an advertisement of some form. Whether it’s a poster on a bus stop or an advert on Facebook, marketing is everywhere. For most companies, their advertising is successful and is a fantastic way of generating traffic and sales. After all, this is what we all strive for.

However, there have been some horrendous campaigns run which have left more questions than answers. Sometimes ideas do not come across exactly as they were planned.

A perfect example of this was an advert run by world-famous brand Pepsi in 2017. The brand used model Kendall Jenner to create an advert mirroring the Black Lives Matter campaign with horrific consequences. Several people spoke up against the offensive advert, including Martin Luther King’s daughter, causing it to be pulled.

Worst Marketing Errors

Pepsi aren’t the only ones who have made a bold move and experienced a backlash. Both Dove and BrewDog have run campaigns to promote feminism and body positivity. Even though this all sounds great, the execution was far from perfect.

In May 2017, Dove launched brand new packaging for their products for sale. The aim was to promote body positivity, but people took offence when there were only a few select shapes to pick from. Rather than empowering women, it caused anxiety and came across as patronising.

BrewDog weren’t much more successful in March last year. The brand is well known for their Punk IPA and, to celebrate International Women’s Day, they rebranded the beer as ‘Pink IPA’. Meant to be an ironic comment, the message was lost and instead became offensive. Not only this, but a man sued the company after he was denied a Pink IPA for not being female.

Getting It Right

While some have been unfortunate, others have got their campaigns spot on. From Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ to Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ re-brand, there are countless examples of how to approach advertising. No matter what product or service you are trying to sell, there will always be a way to promote it. The devil, as they say, is in the detail.

The very first thing to do is to understand your product and create a well thought out plan. Have baked ideas can sometimes have consequences, so there are a lot of aspects to consider. Think about the messages you want to put across along with how you want to do it.

There are many different channels that can be used to advertise, so reading up about them is worthwhile. From print media to TV, radio and the internet, each has its own benefits. Each is continuously evolving which is why it is crucial to keep up to date with changes.

Monitoring Performance

Once a campaign has been completed, people start to celebrate. Although, monitoring the success of your marketing project is just as important as implementing it. Even though you think something is a good idea, it may not go down well.

In the past several brands have quickly reversed their ideas. From Bud Light’s reversing of their #UpForWhatever campaign to Nivea’s ‘White is Purity’ slogan, there have been plenty of brands backpedalling ideas. Once a campaign is out in the open, you’ll be able to see what people think and, if necessary, react.

Starting Your Marketing Campaign

It isn’t always easy to go it alone and this is something that Pepsi learnt the hard way. Sometimes seeking advice and support from a professional agency can help to make your approach more successful. With thorough market research and the right execution, you can make advertising work for you.

At First Digital Media we work with a number of varied clients to market their services and products. To find out more, feel free to get in contact with us.

What to Expect In Digital Marketing As An Apprentice

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Whether you have just come out of sixth form or you are at a stage where you are unsure what’s next, apprenticeships could be the best option. With apprenticeship popularity continuing to grow, it is important to know whether digital marketing is right for you.

First Digital Media strive to provide a strong platform where apprentices can thrive. With our guidance, apprentices are smoothly integrated into the digital marketing industry.

How Popular Are Apprenticeships?

In 2017/18, the number of people participating in apprenticeships had dropped by 94,000 people from 2016/17. With less than 900,000 apprentices in total in England, it can be easy to assume this isn’t the right option for you.

Despite this, 64% of teens being surveyed said they would be “very” or “fairly interested” in beginning an apprenticeship. With the common alternative being University and completing a degree, there are several reasons apprenticeships should be your first choice. Providing you with income from a young age and not leaving you with student debt, an apprenticeship can get you into the same job role and industry as someone who has just left university. The difference being, you can do this at a much younger age.

This also gives you experience in the industry, allowing you to push on or seek other business opportunities. This makes it surprising that there has been a drop in apprenticeships over the past two years. However, this could be due to 74% of 18-21 year olds saying they received poor information regarding apprenticeships. Hence, fewer people are receiving the option and benefits of being an apprentice and finding the right career path from a young age.

The Digital Marketing Industry

In the United States and Britain, spending on digital marketing grew by 44% from 2017 to 2018. According to Statista, spend on digital and online advertising in the UK in 2019 has already eclipsed figures from 2018. Not only does this demonstrate the success of digital marketing but how this industry can be perfect for new apprentices.

As I also started as an apprentice, I know this is a fantastic platform for young people to become involved in. There are several aspects of digital marketing that are included within marketing apprenticeships and your role at a marketing company:

  • Content Development
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Technical SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Web Development

Due to the huge range of tools used throughout digital marketing, this is an apprenticeship that only expands your future options. Many worries about apprenticeships stem from having the understanding and qualification for just one job role. However, this is not something I have encountered during my journey in digital marketing, as my knowledge and skill set has continued to develop.

Become A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is very much a learning curve for each and every staff member. As an apprentice, you have the ability to experiment with many elements of marketing whilst constantly learning from your peers on the job. Whilst I believe pushing apprenticeships should be prioritised across every industry, marketing does offer a unique opportunity for young people.

Completing a university course may seem like the best option but it isn’t the only avenue you should explore. After completing a Level 3 marketing apprenticeship, I have quickly progressed onto a Level 4 at just 18 years old. As the equivalent of a foundation degree, this shows university isn’t the only way to gain higher level qualifications.

Apprenticeships At First Digital Media

First Digital Media give apprentices a huge opportunity to join our growing company and industry. Having previously taken apprenticeships in Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Customer Services within the Business Sector, youth is the future of our company to improve and drive us forward.

Regardless of which element in marketing you want to focus on, we will move you in the right direction. First Digital Media, throughout every apprenticeship, offer the support you need to successfully complete your course. As you develop and learn each area of the digital marketing industry, this expands your future openings to several businesses and industries where your expertise can be used.

Since I began my role on the marketing team, I have developed my knowledge in all areas of digital marketing. Working in an environment with a good mix between experienced staff members and emerging apprentices creates a fantastic atmosphere and allows everyone to get involved with all areas of the business. Making the decision to go into marketing was a difficult but rewarding choice. After 2 years in my role, I know it is something that other people can also significantly benefit from.

Call First Digital Media on 0845 094 1830 or fill in our contact form today for information on our marketing services.