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Have you heard of AdWords from Google and aren’t too sure how your business can benefit?

Working with Google and their various services, First Digital Media are here to tell you exactly why your business needs AdWords to compete online.

AdWords Is Nearly an Adult

Google first published AdWords as a business service in October 2000, making the practice 17 years old and nearly legal to buy its first pint! Starting with a small 350 advertisers, the service now pumps a massive $60 billion* into Google and has sky rocketed to a whopping million advertisers every day.

As such a key player in the world of online marketing, Google has clearly created a money making service here, but how does it help your business?

What Actually Is AdWords?

AdWords gives businesses the opportunity online to gain new customers, reach regions they wouldn’t naturally and to get their products/services onto the market. As a quick and simple solution to advertising and with almost 90% of web users using Google to conduct their searches, why would you not put your business in prime position?

Creating an Ad starts with studying your market keywords, search engine results and the services you are looking to promote. Following from this, your ad is placed on the first page of Google in the top search positions and when a potential customer clicks that Ad, you pay Google. (Pay per click)

There is so much more to be aware of than just paying Google and getting your ad to the top. Making sure the content on your site is relevant to the ad link and that what you are selling is beneficial to your clients also pays a huge part in ad placement.

The Birth and Rise of AdWords

Google is not one to settle with what they already have and they are always looking for new areas of the world wide web to branch into. Whether that be video, imagery, film or new layouts, they always come up top trumps with their latest developments and AdWords is no exception to the rule.

When the idea was first released to the public, Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and CEO, branded the product as offering “the most technologically advanced features available, enabling any advertiser to quickly design a flexible program that best fits its online marketing goals and budget”.

Starting with a simple ad about your business, Google has moulded the ad system to include site links, call extensions and so much more to draw in potential customers to your business. Although you may only spot the ads at the top of the search results when searching in a hurry, they now also take place at the bottom of the page and at the side to take up as much space possible.

Why Does My Business Need AdWords?

Where do we start with this? Your business NEEDS Google AdWords right now or you could be majorly falling behind your competitors. With so many positives to the ad system and a clear reason to get your own campaigns right now, why would you hold your business back from further success?

By using the right keywords for your target audience, you’re already ahead because you’re reaching people you have an interest in your product or service”, Forbes. Some other reasons why your business needs AdWords include:

  • The measurable data and flexibility you can use
  • Much faster than generic seo practices
  • The engaging interaction with consumers
  • The ability to control your spends easily
  • Help in beating your competitors

In such a competitive digital age, businesses need all the support they can get and a stunning website alone no longer hits the mark. Combined with effective content marketing, social media activity, great seo and functional website designs, AdWords help you stand out from the crowd and put your business where it deserves to be.

First Digital Media Manage Your Ad Campaigns for You

If this all sounds too much to handle and you just want to focus on running your business, then you can do just that. In order to focus on your business, you need to first actually have business to deal with, which is where our team come into action. First Digital Media are on hand to provide expert insider knowledge when it comes to AdWords and we are able to effectively manage you campaigns for you.

With the time needed to create functioning ads and the expertise to tap into your consumers’ activity online, your business can be on the first page of Google search results in quick time. What are you waiting for?

Get in Touch

Discuss your business brand awareness online with our team and get AdWords campaigns up and running now. Call us on 01524 544346 to chat to our team about getting your business the visibility it deserves.

*figures from 2015

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