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Whether you have just come out of sixth form or you are at a stage where you are unsure what’s next, apprenticeships could be the best option. With apprenticeship popularity continuing to grow, it is important to know whether digital marketing is right for you.

First Digital Media strive to provide a strong platform where apprentices can thrive. With our guidance, apprentices are smoothly integrated into the digital marketing industry.

How Popular Are Apprenticeships?

In 2017/18, the number of people participating in apprenticeships had dropped by 94,000 people from 2016/17. With less than 900,000 apprentices in total in England, it can be easy to assume this isn’t the right option for you.

Despite this, 64% of teens being surveyed said they would be “very” or “fairly interested” in beginning an apprenticeship. With the common alternative being University and completing a degree, there are several reasons apprenticeships should be your first choice. Providing you with income from a young age and not leaving you with student debt, an apprenticeship can get you into the same job role and industry as someone who has just left university. The difference being, you can do this at a much younger age.

This also gives you experience in the industry, allowing you to push on or seek other business opportunities. This makes it surprising that there has been a drop in apprenticeships over the past two years. However, this could be due to 74% of 18-21 year olds saying they received poor information regarding apprenticeships. Hence, fewer people are receiving the option and benefits of being an apprentice and finding the right career path from a young age.

The Digital Marketing Industry

In the United States and Britain, spending on digital marketing grew by 44% from 2017 to 2018. According to Statista, spend on digital and online advertising in the UK in 2019 has already eclipsed figures from 2018. Not only does this demonstrate the success of digital marketing but how this industry can be perfect for new apprentices.

As I also started as an apprentice, I know this is a fantastic platform for young people to become involved in. There are several aspects of digital marketing that are included within marketing apprenticeships and your role at a marketing company:

  • Content Development
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Technical SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Web Development

Due to the huge range of tools used throughout digital marketing, this is an apprenticeship that only expands your future options. Many worries about apprenticeships stem from having the understanding and qualification for just one job role. However, this is not something I have encountered during my journey in digital marketing, as my knowledge and skill set has continued to develop.

Become A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is very much a learning curve for each and every staff member. As an apprentice, you have the ability to experiment with many elements of marketing whilst constantly learning from your peers on the job. Whilst I believe pushing apprenticeships should be prioritised across every industry, marketing does offer a unique opportunity for young people.

Completing a university course may seem like the best option but it isn’t the only avenue you should explore. After completing a Level 3 marketing apprenticeship, I have quickly progressed onto a Level 4 at just 18 years old. As the equivalent of a foundation degree, this shows university isn’t the only way to gain higher level qualifications.

Apprenticeships At First Digital Media

First Digital Media give apprentices a huge opportunity to join our growing company and industry. Having previously taken apprenticeships in Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Customer Services within the Business Sector, youth is the future of our company to improve and drive us forward.

Regardless of which element in marketing you want to focus on, we will move you in the right direction. First Digital Media, throughout every apprenticeship, offer the support you need to successfully complete your course. As you develop and learn each area of the digital marketing industry, this expands your future openings to several businesses and industries where your expertise can be used.

Since I began my role on the marketing team, I have developed my knowledge in all areas of digital marketing. Working in an environment with a good mix between experienced staff members and emerging apprentices creates a fantastic atmosphere and allows everyone to get involved with all areas of the business. Making the decision to go into marketing was a difficult but rewarding choice. After 2 years in my role, I know it is something that other people can also significantly benefit from.

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