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This week saw a major shift towards consumer satisfaction with YouTube removing the 30-second ads before video playback. Starting from next year, you will be able to watch your video until your hearts content, without the annoying interruption at the start!

YouTube is the second largest search engine across the whole world and with more than 100 hours of video being watched every minute, it is clear why they have made the change to meet their consumer’s needs.

Let’s Be Honest…

We have all been there, ready and waiting to watch the latest music video, earphones in place and BOOM another advert appears telling you about the latest Nike shoes or Make-up Application (no offence to Nike).

Although it is great to see new products on the market and the up and coming face improvement techniques, sometimes we just want to watch the video we first went there for without the annoying distractions.

Skippable Content

We all understand that adverts have to exist in order for businesses to survive but we believe, as a whole, that we should always be given the option to skip it when we really don’t care about it at all. For a while now the ‘unskippable’ ads on YouTube have been driving users mad with many of them moving over to other video platforms and music apps but worry no more because YouTube has been listening.

From 2018 they have made the decision to remove the unskippable options on adverts and will focus on “formats that work well for both users and advertisers”. Although there has been no mention of the 15 and 20-second unskippable ads, this is something great for us consumers at last! Right?

Ads Still Rule

Adverts are still ruling the game when it comes to YouTube. Don’t celebrate too early about the 30-second removals because there are still the 6-second bumper ads that will be coming out to play more and more throughout 2018.

With competition from Facebook every day, video is moving towards becoming the next big thing in online marketing, social media and every online platform pretty much. As more than half of YouTube’s users are coming from mobile phones, a 30-second ad can really harm a user’s data plans so it’s great news that its no longer going to be a pain… we just have to wait until 2018!

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