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Have you ever been bored of reading paragraph after paragraph and would just rather look at images and fun animations? You’re not alone!

Studies have shown that in the last five years, infographics are on the rise. As a visual form of storytelling that engages, interests and excites the audience, it isn’t hard to see why many marketing companies are using them within their methods online.

Attention Span of a Goldfish

When we talk about info…. Oh, look a butterfly! See what we did there?

The Telegraph recently reported on the fact that humans now have a lower attention span than that of a goldfish and with a growing increase in visual storytelling and video content, it is no wonder that no one wants to read essays online anymore. As more and more people scroll through content every day on social media and fewer people actually search for something on Google, we are moving into a world of fast paced information and answers to questions rather than topics of debate.

Infographics for Infographic’s Sake

Although they are proving to be popular, it doesn’t mean that you should be creating them for creating them sake. An infographic is used to portray and deliver information that will be useful to an audience, not just interesting to look at. By using infographics to communicate information amongst your audience, we can capture the attention of new audiences through images, bold texts and animations that are enticing.

Tip- Turn a data report into an infographic to make it easier on the eye and better to read for the audience.

Try to Be Innovative

Imagine having masses of data and figures that you need to put across to your audience and imagine doing this in a report form on black and white paper. Boring isn’t it?

Here at First Digital Media, we are constantly trying to think of new and exciting ways to get across our information and we thought we would take this opportunity to show you how effective an infographic really can be.

Example – One of our clients, Treework Arboricultural Services, recently had an infographic created to get the services across they provide without just listing them. Here is the information we had to work with and how we added this into a better format using our infographic knowledge.
Treework Arboricultural Services
And here is that same information but in a clearer, more interesting and more interactive format.

Treework Arboricultural Services

As you can see clearly it has made a massive difference in how the audience will see what services the company provides. Making it interesting with colours that match the company, images that are related to the services and laid it in an easy to read format, the audience is more likely to engage with this content rather than a black and white table of information. As well as being easily readable, infographics are also:

  • easily embeddable
  • greater for brand coverage
  • SEO advantage
  • the chance to go viral
  • create a better impression overall

Tips for Infographics

Taking some tips from Best Infographics.co, we have come up with some top tips to remember when creating infographics for your websitemarketing and social media.

  1. Make them more than bar graphs
  2. Don’t over crowd it and keep it clean
  3. Make some text that is important larger and important
  4. Make your infographic easier to share
  5. Keep the theme right
  6. Match the format to the social media channel

As well as getting vital information and narrowing it down to pinpointed information, you have to think about what the end goal is. Creating an infographic is all well and good if you actually get out of it what you expect. If you want people to ring you, add your phone number and if you want people to email you, adding your email is a no brainer really.

Infographics create a compelling way to communicate with your audience by offering a visual representation that has a great potential of becoming viral” so make it worthwhile (Postific).

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