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Google Position Dropped? We Can Fix It!

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Why You Need SEO Marketing?

Delivering Specialist SEO Services

Noticed a change in your website’s positioning on Google? Is your current SEO company just not providing results? The team at First Digital Media create strategies to meet your goals, implement relevant tactics, optimise performance & combat any Google updates that affect your search results.

Lost Your Google Rankings?

Google’s Helpful Content Update rolled out earlier this year & has been causing havoc with search results across the board. As a result of the update, the majority of SEO providers have lost their client’s Google Rankings.

Leading SEO Marketing

Tired of your current SEO service provider? Seen a drop in your Google results & positions? We work with you to optimise your website, improve your Google rankings and combat Google’s ever-changing updates.

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Case Studies:

Skydiving Company

After working alongside our SEO team, this company is now ranking page 1 on Google for numerous high search volume phrases including “Skydiving Manchester” and “Skydiving Lancashire”

Crystal Ecommerce Website

One of our clients who works in the Crystal industry has seen huge success through our monthly SEO work. We currently have them ranked Page 1 for “Crystals UK” with over 125,000,000 search results.

Garden Room Business

In just a matter of months, our SEO team were able to get our client on page 1 for “Garden Room Finance” in 5 areas of their choice.

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Why Choose Us?

A Wealth of Experience

Our SEO experts are backed by 20+ years of industry experience. We use our knowledge and skills to improve and optimise your website traffic.

Ongoing SEO Campaigns

We combine all aspects of our services from technical improvements to online marketing, to implement an on-going SEO strategy that provides a long-term return on investment for our customers.

No Need To Leave Your Current Provider

Our product can work in conjunction with the marketing from your current provider.

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