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Rebranding: How To Do It Successfully

As a business, having a solid brand is crucial to success. It will be your name, logo and approach to marketing that helps you to stand out from the crowd. However, sometimes there comes a time for a fresh start. Deciding to rebrand can be exciting but it is important to do this right. Poor rebranding can cost you money, time and customers.

Here at First Digital Media, our blog looks into how you should approach this and who has done it in the past.

The Past and Present of Rebrands

Over the years there have been some successful rebrands and others which have fallen flat. In 2011, Starbucks new redesign showed that you don’t need your name on a logo to stand out and be recognisable. McDonald’s did something similar by rebranding their logo as a solo ‘M’. Despite this, we all know who they are.

That being said, not everybody has been as successful. One of the most memorable in the previous decade has been Gap who, in 2010, decided to launch their new logo. It met with so much dislike that they reverted back to their original logo 6 days later.

Two rebrands that thankfully never happened were Pizza Hut and Netflix. Back in 2009, it emerged that Pizza Hut wanted to launch a new logo to target the ‘mobile generation’. Two years later Netflix thought it was a good idea to rebrand their online streaming service as ‘Qwikster’. Thankfully following criticism, both of these ideas were left to the side.

Who’s Doing It

There have been some brave rebrands over the past year which have caused a stir. Popular in both the US and UK, Dunkin’ Donuts received a few questions over their decision to drop the donuts from their name. Now known simply as Dunkin’, the brand said they made the move as they no longer did just donuts.

Even recently there has been a large company attempting to rebrand. In a blog Bing Ads announced that they would now be known as ‘Microsoft Advertising’, saying it was a “simple shift” that would improve business. As part of this, they are placing more focus on AI and plan to use this to personalise advertisements.

Why is All This Important?

Looking at how other companies have done it allows you to pull off a rebrand successfully. People become attached to logos and company names, so any changes need to be done carefully and with them in mind. If you rush into the process you could end up throwing away money and putting off your current customers.

Any branding needs to be carefully planned and thought through. Because of that, there are a few things to consider. From what your audience wants to what you need, it’s important to find balance.

Things to Consider

Changing how your business appears in public can bring endless benefits. Although, you need to make sure it is done correctly – nobody wants to do a Gap U-turn. The very first thing to do is to consider whether you need a rebrand. It may seem obvious, but it isn’t worth risking what you’ve built so far if there isn’t a genuine need. Think about whether your brand represents you, the company and what your customers are looking for.

Once you’ve done all this, think about the changes you want to make if any at all. From there you can determine how large the rebrand needs to be and estimate costs and time. Updating a logo is often the largest part, so make sure you have somebody creative on your side to give you a variety of ideas.

After any branding is done, you’ll need to plan a successful marketing campaign and relaunch. Companies have approached this in many different ways, so have a look round to see what appeals to you.

Making the Move

If you are going to rebrand, it is important to consider all aspects. If your current branding doesn’t suit your business or your customer’s needs, then chances are it’s time for a change.

At First Digital Media we can help you to rebrand your business, adding a fresh approach to your marketing. For more, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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