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Trying to advertise a company can be a difficult task, especially with so many places to target. Gone are the days when a printed newspaper advertisement would be all you need. Today marketing campaigns need to consider the online world, social media and so much more.

Unfortunately for some campaigns have fallen flat, causing an embarrassment and upset. Our blog this week at First Digital Media looks into marketing campaigns and how to avoid things going wrong.

Big Names, Big Mistakes

Wherever we turn, we see an advertisement of some form. Whether it’s a poster on a bus stop or an advert on Facebook, marketing is everywhere. For most companies, their advertising is successful and is a fantastic way of generating traffic and sales. After all, this is what we all strive for.

However, there have been some horrendous campaigns run which have left more questions than answers. Sometimes ideas do not come across exactly as they were planned.

A perfect example of this was an advert run by world-famous brand Pepsi in 2017. The brand used model Kendall Jenner to create an advert mirroring the Black Lives Matter campaign with horrific consequences. Several people spoke up against the offensive advert, including Martin Luther King’s daughter, causing it to be pulled.

Worst Marketing Errors

Pepsi aren’t the only ones who have made a bold move and experienced a backlash. Both Dove and BrewDog have run campaigns to promote feminism and body positivity. Even though this all sounds great, the execution was far from perfect.

In May 2017, Dove launched brand new packaging for their products for sale. The aim was to promote body positivity, but people took offence when there were only a few select shapes to pick from. Rather than empowering women, it caused anxiety and came across as patronising.

BrewDog weren’t much more successful in March last year. The brand is well known for their Punk IPA and, to celebrate International Women’s Day, they rebranded the beer as ‘Pink IPA’. Meant to be an ironic comment, the message was lost and instead became offensive. Not only this, but a man sued the company after he was denied a Pink IPA for not being female.

Getting It Right

While some have been unfortunate, others have got their campaigns spot on. From Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ to Coke’s ‘Share a Coke’ re-brand, there are countless examples of how to approach advertising. No matter what product or service you are trying to sell, there will always be a way to promote it. The devil, as they say, is in the detail.

The very first thing to do is to understand your product and create a well thought out plan. Have baked ideas can sometimes have consequences, so there are a lot of aspects to consider. Think about the messages you want to put across along with how you want to do it.

There are many different channels that can be used to advertise, so reading up about them is worthwhile. From print media to TV, radio and the internet, each has its own benefits. Each is continuously evolving which is why it is crucial to keep up to date with changes.

Monitoring Performance

Once a campaign has been completed, people start to celebrate. Although, monitoring the success of your marketing project is just as important as implementing it. Even though you think something is a good idea, it may not go down well.

In the past several brands have quickly reversed their ideas. From Bud Light’s reversing of their #UpForWhatever campaign to Nivea’s ‘White is Purity’ slogan, there have been plenty of brands backpedalling ideas. Once a campaign is out in the open, you’ll be able to see what people think and, if necessary, react.

Starting Your Marketing Campaign

It isn’t always easy to go it alone and this is something that Pepsi learnt the hard way. Sometimes seeking advice and support from a professional agency can help to make your approach more successful. With thorough market research and the right execution, you can make advertising work for you.

At First Digital Media we work with a number of varied clients to market their services and products. To find out more, feel free to get in contact with us.

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