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Why Choose First Digital Media?

Industry Specific Marketing Packages

At First Digital Media, we offer marketing packages to specific industries to ensure we put your business in front of the right audience.

Increasing Leads & Sales

We can help you attract new clients by generating leads and increasing sales through our specialist Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Proven Return on Investment

Our team have a proven track record of providing an outstanding Return On Investment for a range of different businesses.

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Our Case Studies

Total Leads

In 2021, First Digital Media generated a total of 9,831 leads.

Wholesale Aesthetics Business

Over 3.5 months, this ecommerce business invested £4,000 and generated £23,000 in revenue! This is from 252 website purchases directly from our specialist Facebook pixel campaign.

Skydiving Company

This company received a total of 2,471 bookings, 446 website leads and 351 calls over 6 months from our various marketing services.

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