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For a successful Facebook advertisement, you need to have a great image or video to tell a compelling story to the right target audience. Facebook is one of the best platforms for B2B and B2C advertising and is more effective than organic reach.

There are over 1.85 billion daily users on Facebook and this offers massive potential for businesses to share their services and products with new and existing customers. In this week’s blog at First Digital Media we are looking at creating engaging Facebook advertisements for the best results.

Pick Your Target Audience

As there are so many users on Facebook, just uploading and paying for an advert is not enough if you want conversions and engagement. You need to make the most of Facebook’s fantastic targeting options to reach out to a specific audience.

There are several ways you can target advertisements on the platform, including:

  • Custom Audiences 
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Behaviours
  • Connections

Your goal is probably either to get conversions or engagement, such as comments and shares, so the quality of your targeting must be high. Choosing a custom audience allows you to target existing leads or customers. This could include individuals who have signed up for your website’s newsletter.

There are lots more targeting options, including in-depth demographic choices. When you upload your content for promotion, you will be given all these options, so it’s crucial you know who you’re aiming to reach before you begin.

Have a Clear Call to Action

When creating an advertisement, you must be clear about what action you want the viewer to take and encourage that action with engaging content. There are two types of promoted content to choose from, which are used to either:

  • Engage the Viewer’s Attention
  • Drive a Sale, App Installation or Lead

Before creating your post, you will want to decide what action you want your audience to take. Once this decision is made, you can choose what type of content you will use to attract the viewer’s attention, whether that be with an image or video.

Videos should be short and entertaining as viewers on Facebook will engage more with that kind of content. Quickly divert their attention with fun clips that relate to your call to action. With images, you want to focus viewers’ attention with directional cues and use headlines that work creatively with the picture.

Types of Promoted Posts

There are many types of advertising on Facebook, so there are plenty of choices for where you can place your promoted content. Some of these locations include:

  • Sponsored Newsfeed Posts
  • Advert in the Right-Hand Column
  • Messenger & Stories Promotion

The goal of your promotion will determine which type and format you go for. If you have products you want to sell, slideshows are carousels are a fantastic format to promote them. Carousels can include up to 10 images or videos and you are able to link each item of media to their store page.

If you have quick, entertaining or informative videos designed to showcase your service or services, they work well in Stories. Your media will take up the whole screen and capture the user’s attention.

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