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‘Breakthrough digital marketing’ strategies are hard to come by in a world that is over run with content, social activity and digital. Making your mark on the world wide web can be a battle but FDM are committed to getting you there.

The chances of your customers being bombarded with marketing ploys every day of their lives is high and the chances that they are seeing yours first are very low. In order to make your mark on the web, your business needs to be at the forefront of your industry and this is only possible by breaking through the noise barrier that social media brings with it.

Avoid The Buzz

Nowadays, digital media is like the honey to a swarm of bees who are all looking to pollinate with their own resources. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the sunflowers of the garden with other platforms being the dandelions, blue bells and poppies. As primary sources of information for the majority of the world, every single bee is buzzing to be on the biggest flower, with the most pollen in order to create the best honey. Catch our drift?

In the real world, all marketers are essentially bees. Although digital media has provided a versatile platform for businesses to reach consumers, it has also created a platform that is horrendously loud and an instigator in noise online.

Making More Noise Does Not Work

Although you may think that being the loudest and being louder than your competitors will see you rise to the top, it most certainly will not be the case. Being the loudest in the world of social media can often see yourselves being classed as irritating and research has proven that “almost half of British consumers choose to ignore brands on social media” (Marketing Week). One major problem with making more noise online is that you can start to work against yourself, in a constant battle with how loud you can really be. Where is the sense in that?

Utilising other platforms and forms of marketing are vital on the road to success online which some major brands have really got the hang of. “Some brands are getting it spot on – in the past year we’ve seen the likes of Disney, Starbucks and McDonald’s use Snapchat’s filters to engage consumers in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive,” says Michael Nicholas, global director at Kantar TNS.

Use Digital Marketing to Your Benefit

Targeting the baby boomers, generation X’s and millennials is difficult enough as it is and getting it right is only one small element of the process. Below are three useful online marketing tips which you can use to break through the noise and create your own sweet melody online.

  • Promotion Without an Ego

Everyone starts from somewhere and often, that is at the bottom of the pile. Whether you are already established or are on the bottom step of a big ladder, you need to remember where you came from and build a community around you. Either through meeting people offline or online, you wouldn’t start by introducing what you sell.

More commonly, you would start with a friendly greeting, get to know each other and then move onto what you are selling at a later date or when they ask. Find out what your consumers are interested in, get to know them and make them feel valued as a customer rather than a number.

  • Be Consistent

Having core values is important for any business, not just online but offline as well. Keeping these core values throughout your online strategies is as important as the content you are promoting itself and vital to creating your brand image.

Consistency leads to reliability and reliability always leads to trust. Creating a trustworthy brand is what we all aim to do and a trustworthy brand always sells over a fake one. Once you have cracked what your consumers are looking for, how they like to be spoke to and what they are talking about themselves, you have battled through the generic noise of social media and you are ready to take over the digital age.

  • Beautiful Content

Let’s face it, the more beautiful your content is, the easier it is to read and the more people actually want to read it. No one wants to read the same old drivel that is pumped into marketing campaigns to reach certain buzz words so make your content different, unique and bespoke to your business.

Get in Touch

To find out more about how to break through the noise of social media and start your own breakthrough, call First Digital Media on 01524 544346. With dedicated account managers on hand, you can create the perfect marketing package with the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Now go and get that honey!

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