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New to this whole ‘social media’ marketing stuff and wondering what these ‘blogs’ are that people keep banging on about..? Well, worry no more as First Digital Media are here to save the day!

In terms of successful business marketing, blogging isn’t a phase your business will go through, blogs are here now, and they are here to stay. Blogging is critical to all major marketing efforts and not just for the reasons many of you think.

What is a blog?

A blog is used to write about anything, any thoughts, opinions, new ideas or findings you may have come across. In terms of your business this is the perfect place to connect with your audience and engage with them on a regular basis. Do this time and time again and you will create trust, “trust equals leads, and leads equal sales” Social Media Today, 5th September 2016 – simple! Don’t see a blog as the market stall for your business, a blog is somewhere to start a conversation, which in turn leads back to the services you offer.

You can include various links to articles, videos, images and other pages on your site that work in partnership with what you are blogging about. Your business now has the chance to create original content and become leaders in their industry. Not only does this increase traffic throughout your site but can also encourage readers to come back next week and want to read more.

What is the purpose of a blog?

You would always write about things that are relevant to your business. As obvious as this is, the blog is another platform for your business to interact with potential customers and not somewhere to spark debates week in, week out for the sake of it.

The main goal of a blog is to give your customers and potential customers something to feel involved with and to keep checking back on every week or fortnight. You then stay fresh in their memory and they are more likely to talk about your services if you inspire them with a good solid blog post. Studies have shown that 67% more leads per month are generated through the use of blogs on a business website, the facts are here, clear in black and white, that blogs are effectively working.


Successful Online Marketing

Blogging is the trend of today, and more importantly tomorrow. With social media growing and more and more platforms being created every day ranging from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, you need to really ‘jump on the band wagon’ with this one.

Blogging is “one of the most effective (and economical) ways to increase the number of people visiting and using your website”, Wealth Professional, 1st September 2016, so why not make the most of it? Although it takes time to build a rapport and library of blog posts, by starting now you are already one step ahead of your competitors. Who knows, one of your blog posts could be the topic of conversation a year from now when the topic is hot in the press, but remember, the only way for this to happen, is to write the blog post in the first place.

By following these simple tips, your business can benefit from a successful blogging package with First Digital Media in no time at all.

  • Irresistible titles to draw in the customers
  • Creating quality content to engage with their needs
  • Being real to build trusting relationships
  • Sharing on social media to attract even more attention to your business

Start Blogging Today!

Get in touch with First Digital Media to learn more about online marketing and how your business can benefit. With search engine optimisation, social media management and traffic reports, you get bespoke packages for your business from the experts in online management.

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