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Have you heard about blogs but aren’t sure what they do? Have you never heard of blogs and have no idea what we are babbling on about?

Well, First Digital Media are here to shed some light on the situation and provide you with enough insight into why your business needs blogs to survive online. We could discuss hundreds of blogging benefits for your business but our team picked the top three to make your reading a little easier!

Content Marketing

Before we head into the top 3 reasons to have a blog on your business website, we thought it would be best to quickly cover what content marketing entails, with blogging being a key part of the practice.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on creating and sharing content of value with your community or target audience” in order to establish your business amongst your industry, Elegant Themes. By regularly updating your blog and website with strong, purposeful content, you are able to draw attention to your business without paid advertising platforms.

So, what are the 6 reasons to have a blog on my website?

1.      Increased Opportunities to Be Found On Search Engines

Without effecting the navigation and pages on your website, blogs can add extra meaningful content that doesn’t crowd your online presence. Each blog that is posted is another format of content on your site that gives you another chance to found on the web through organic searches.

The right way of doing this would be to follow the core beliefs of content marketing and to apply your blogs to answer the questions of your customers rather than sell your service and product. The next time your customers, or potential customers, head to Google and carry out a search, with luck and some generic SEO, your website should be found.

Blogging vastly improves your visibility”, Social Media Today.

2.      Links with Social Media Marketing

Most of your customers will already be active on social media platforms and with more than 3.7 billion users of the internet every day, why would you not want to be at the front of the line?

Facebook reported that in 2016, there was estimate of 1.71 billion people using the platform monthly, nearly 20% of the world’s population. Sharing your content on the most active platform for your customers is bound to draw some kind of attention, even more if the content is useful.

Blog posts that answer questions, resolve issues and solve your customer’s problems can be updated weekly, monthly or quarterly to entice your customers to read more about your site, rather than share the same pages on your website that hard sell your products or services.

Another perk to social media is that your customers could also share your blogs if they want themselves, encouraging further reach and therefore more business attention.

3.      Soft Self-Promotion Tactics

No one likes to brag and sell their service to those who don’t necessary want it. Blogging removes the need to hard-sell your business and gives you the chance to speak casually about subjects surrounding your business, rather than selling your services directly.

By answering your customer’s questions and giving them an insight into your business practices, they feel comfortable, relaxed and trust your business so much more than if you were to direct them to a selling piece of content.

Blogs provide a window into your business and display your value – your knowledge, expertise and what it’s actually like to work with you shine through in your blogs”, Social Media Today.

As well as letting out your business inner secrets and discussing current topics, blogs are a learning curve that can show where, when and why your customers are interacting and what content they are interested in.

Start Blogging Today

Start business blogging today by calling our team on 01524 544346 and get the content marketing experts you need in quick time. Your business blogs don’t have to be dull and neither does your online presence, with audiences being open to blogs more and more in the moving digital age, why are you holding your business back?

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